Student Poster Competition

Excellence Poster Paper Award




Wei-Chu Hsu, Wei-Ren Liu

Oxygen-induced plasma surface treatment to modify electrochemical properties of hard carbon anode derived from phenolic resin for lithium ion batteries


Ci-Song Chen, I-Chih Ni, Chih-I Wu, Cheng-Che Hsu, I-Chun Cheng, Jian-Zhang Chen

Flexible Asymmetric Supercapacitors with Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) and Lithium Manganese Oxide Electrodes Processed Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet

National Taiwan University

Xin-Yu Lin, Yung-Chieh Liu, Dhanapal Vasu, Te-Wei Chiu

MgCo2O4 Hollow-sphere for Enhance the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

National Taipei University of Technology

Yung-Chieh Liu, Dhanapal Vasu, Yu-Tong Huang , Kuan-Jun Ke,

 Wei-Jian Sim, Te-Wei Chiu, Liangdong Fan, Tetsu Yonezawa

Resourceful Hydrogen Generation Through Methanol Steam Reforming Using CuCrO2-CeO2 3D-Hollow-sphere

National Taipei University of Technology

Rattiyakorn Rianyoi, Wiradej Thongsuwan, Wattikon Sroila,

Arnon Chaipanich, Ruamporn Potong

Hybrid Functional Piezocatalytic and Photocatalytic Activity of 0.94Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 0.06BaTiO3 Cement-based Composites

Chiangmai University

Zhe-Hao Lin, Yu-Chun Wu

Enhanced Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange and CO Oxidation of Vanadium-Doped δ- Bi2O3 Impact of Calcination and H2O2 Treatment

National Cheng Kung University

Guan-Yi Hung, Kuei-Chih Feng, Chi-Shun Tu, Po-Liang Lai, Pin-Yi Chen, Hui-Yi Hsiao

CaO-MgO-SiO2 bioactive glass-ceramics enhance osteogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells for accelerated bone regeneration

Ming Chi University of Technology

Metarsit Klinbanmor, Naratip Vittayakorn, Supree Pinitsoontorn,

Aurawan Rittidech, Pongsakorn Jantaratana, Theerachai Bongkarn 

Electric and magnetic properties of multiferroic Co0.6Zn0.4Fe1.7 Mn0.3O4 doped 0.85Bi0.5Na0.475Li0.025TiO3-0.11Bi0.5K0.5TiO3-0.04BaTiO3 composite ceramics prepared via the solid-state combustion method

Naresuan University

Ting-Ya Chuang, Yu-Chi Su, Wei Hao Lee, Yung-Chin Yang

Thermal spray coating with ceramic microspheres for acoustic absorption applications

National Taipei University of Technology

Chun-Hsi Yang, Yuan-Chang Liang

Synthesis of Bi2S3Bi2WO6 from Dual Sulfur Sources of Sodium Sulfide and Thiourea for Photocatalytic Applications

National Taiwan Ocean University

I-Ming Hung, Debabrata Mohanty, Ju-Yu Hun, Yi-Wen Chen, Yu-Rou Lin

Preparation of Porous Ni/YSZ Anode Supporter  for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Yuan Ze University

Chung-Lun Yu, Liangdong Fan, Te-Wei Chiu, Satoshi Kameoka

Characterization of CuFeO2-ZnFe2O4 Powder Prepared by Glycine Nitrate Process and Applied on Hydrogen Generation from Steam Reforming  of Methanol


National Taipei University of Technology

Tsung-Yi Hung, Yu-Chuan Wu, Chun-Ming Huang, Yu-Chen Yeh

Effects of CuO and TiO2 additions and long-term  sintering on the dielectric properties and  microstructure of CaCu3Ti4O12

National Taipei University of Technology

Po-Yen Chen, Yu-Chuan Wu, Chun-Ming Huang, Yu-Chen Yeh

Effects of Nb2O5-MnO2 or Nb2O5-MgO addition on the microstructure and dielectric properties of

BaTiO3-(Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3 sintered in reducing atmosphere

National Taipei University of Technology

Pei-Jun Wu, Wei-Ren Liu

Synthesis and characterizations of  MnIn2S4/SWCNTs composite as anode materials for Lithium-ion batteries

Chung Yuan Christian University

Debabrata Mohanty, Zhe-Yuan Wu, I-Ming Hung, Wei-Fan Kuan

Solid-State Composite Electrolytes with LATP/TiO2 Ceramic Fillers

for Secondary Lithium Batteries

Chang Gung University

Murugan Kaviya, Dhanapal Vasu, Balasubramanian Akila, Te-Wei Chiu

Heterogenous single atom decorated  Hydroxyapatite as an enormous catalyst

 for Biomedical applications

National Taipei University of Technology

Yen-Nien Wang, Yih-Chien Chen, Tse-Lung Lin, Zi-Chen Huang

Development of Monopole Antenna sensors for Dielectric Properties Analysis

Using Zr-Substituted  NdTi(0.5-x)ZrxMo0.5O4 Substrate

Lunghwa University of Science and Technology

Hsueh-I Lin, Melbert Jeem, Lihua Zhang, Seiichi Watanabe

Fabrication of Multielement Nano-Oxide Composites via Submerged Photosynthesis Crystallite

Hokkaido University

Hsuan-Jung Hsu, Hsing-I Hsiang

Effect of the Addition of CaZrO3 on the Dielectric Properties of  Barium Titanate Ceramics Sintered in a Reducing Atmosphere

National Cheng Kung University


The “Student Poster Presentation” competition is being held as part of the ACTSEA 2024 conference. The purpose of the “Student Poster Competition Program” is to encourage graduate students to actively participate in the conference, allowing them to attend and present their research to a broader audience from both industry and academia. Graduate students will be able to present preliminary research results and gain feedback from experts. The relevant regulations and procedures are as follows:


  • All the presenters of participates need to be a student (graduated or undergraduate) and register the ACTSEA 2024 conference.
  • All the presenters have to give the poster presentation on-site and on time for the Poster Competition.
  • Each symposium will select the top remaining finalists to be honored with a Certificate of Excellence. In addition, several ACTSEA 2024 Certificates of Best Poster Popularity Award will be granted.

Important Notes

  • The list of groups, competition schedules, report orders, and locations will be announced on the conference website after the deadline. Participants should refer to this information on their own and will not be individually notified.
  • Participants must refer to the conference-provided template for the abstract format.
  • Poster presenters are requested to put up their posters on the day of their presentation (Date and Time will be announced soon).
  • The provided poster boards measure 2.1 m in height and 0.9 m in width. Posters are suggested to be A0 size in portrait orientation (841 x 1189 mm).


海報報告者須於5/9 1200開始至1400以前貼好在R201及R202的海報板,張貼至5/11中午,報告及評審時間分組為5/9 1600-1700及5/10 1400-1500 報告者在此時段須於海報前進行報告。若未在規定時間張貼將視為No Show,轉投論文將會直接退稿。

Poster Competition Rules

Poster presenters must post their posters on the poster boards in R201 and R202 from 1200 to 1400 on 5/9. Posters should remain posted until noon on 5/11. Presentation and judging times are scheduled as follows: 5/9 from 1600 to 1700 and 5/10 from 1400 to 1500. Presenters must give their presentations in front of their posters during these time slots. Failure to post within the specified time will be considered a No Show, and the paper will be rejected outright for proceeding.